Sunday, June 14, 2009

"What You Got Wednesdays" DJ Tournament @ LOFT 709 - ROUND III

Another step in the right direction: Round 3 here we come!

That's right! Your support helped me make it into the semi-finals this coming Wednesday! I'll be up against 4 of the province's top DJs to determine St John's most versatile DJ. The venue is still the same: "The Loft 709," 371 Duckworth Street, St. John's, NL, Canada on June 17th, 2009. Last week's round started a little later than usual (approximately 10:45pm), so I would estimate that we'd be starting around the same time again. But remember: the earlier you get there the better as there are $2.00 drink specials until 12:00am!

Here are the rules and details for the uninitiaed:

All Disc Jockeys will be judged on five criteria: (1) Creativity, (2) track selection, (3) skills, (4) stage presence, and (5) audience response. Each DJ must play 3 distinct styles before a panel of three judges consisting of (1) a representative from Music City, (2) a music critique from a local publication, and (3) DJ Sina. The first night is open to all who apply. The top eight will be selected based on their respective 15 minute sets, and will move on to the second night where four more will be eliminated (also based on a 15 minute set limit). The remaining top four will compete on night three with a 30 minute set limit. The top two from this round will go on the final night in a one-hour set showdown to determine the number one most versatile DJ. All time slots will be chosen at random. DJs must be present for their time slot and may not exceed their time limit. The Loft 709 will provide a Pioneer DJ M800 mixer, 2 Technic 12s, 2 CDJ 800s and Serato Scratch Live. However, participants may bring their own equipment if desired.

The top prize will be valued at $1500, but more importantly, the winner will be crowned St John's most versatile DJ. The champion will have the opportunity to open for Canada's #1 Party Rocker DJ Shortcut (Shortcut was recently awarded #1 DJ and #1 Club DJ for Montreal). Drink specials during this event include $2.00 until 12:00am. All competitors are entitled to $2/drink specials all night. DJ Sina will be closing each night of the competition with a one hour set.

Don't forget, you can help get your favourite DJ through to the next round by tearing up the dance-floor! Get creative! Start a sing-a-long or a conga line! Chant their name for an encore! Show the judges exactly who you think deserves the title "St John's most versatile DJ!"

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