Monday, June 8, 2009

Dog Zoo

Dog Zoo (SebastiAn vs. Base Alert)

Dog Zoo (SebastiAn vs. Base Alert) by DJ Dain

For the longest time I believed that the acapella I had by "Base Alert" was in fact from a song called "Rage" by "Atari Teenage Riot." I did some online digging and double checked the song (I found it odd that the lyrics in Rage didn't match up and initally figured I had a remix of the song with new lyrics). Eventually I found the original "Base Alert" track - much to my relief in fact (as I researched ATR, I found more and more of their tracks were annoying).

I instantly fell in love with Sebastian's single "Dog." I tried to use the lyrics from "Zoo" to complement the more "metal" vibe of the song, and produce a banging track to finish a set with. Let me know what you think.

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