Monday, November 24, 2008

Stressed Technology

Stressed Technology (Justice vs. Daft Punk & Peaches)

Stressed Technology (Justice vs. Daft Punk & Peaches) by DJ Dain

[FileDEN Mirror]

The Auto remix of Justice's "Stress" is one of the most bad-ass opening songs I think you can drop when starting a DJ set, and I hoped to take that energy a step further with this mash-up. For anyone who's seen Daft Punk during their Alive 2007 Tour, you know that during a certain portion of the performance the crowd goes nuts (well to be honest the crowd was going nuts during the entire show). So, with the addition of Peaches' vocal cover of the same tune, I tried to replicate that vibe.

So yeah, you might want to to preview this track on headphones first before blasting it on speakers for everyone around you to hear.


Andy Kissner said...

hey, just wanted to say props on your justice/daft punk mash-up.

do you mind if i link to your blog from mine? (

cheers, and keep up the good work

Andy Kissner said...

also, i linked to this track/page: