Monday, November 10, 2008

Predict The Broken Hearted

Predict The Broken Hearted (Mike Shinoda Feat. Aaron Lewis vs. Clint Mansell vs. Ladytron vs. M.I.A. vs. Alexia)

Predict The Broken Hearted (Mash-up) by DJ Dain

[FileDEN Mirror]

This is probably one of my most ambitious mash-ups considering how many artists are sampled. At first I was a bit torn between using either Linkin Park's "Crawling" or "Numb" but I think the toss up between the two is pretty obvious. In the end (see what I did there? Hurf-durf) I used the remix featuring Aaron Lewis since the string section ended up being the meat of the mix. I was rather satisfied with the heartbeat sample I found for the intro. The addition of the Alexia vocal was something of a stumble upon for more complementary material. It's not perfect (I admit there are some minor key-clashes) but I enjoy the end result and I hope you do too.

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