Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News and Bad News

I suppose it is always best to start out with the bad news: my external hard-drive failed and I'm currently without all my music, samples and ReFills - all 200+GB of it. I'm having a friend take a second look at it. Let's hope he can salvage it!

It's a good thing I've been hosting and posting all my mash-ups online to share with all of you - otherwise I'd be screwed for the following good news:

I'm performing live on ECMA Radio tomorrow!

Tune into ECMA Radio 100.1 FM tomorrow evening for an exclusive Mash-Up set from your's truly. I'll be performing in association with "Sound Art? Sounds Eclectic..." which is a series on sound art and electronic music brought to you by the good folks of the ECMA Arts & Cultural Linkages Committee, a new initiative for the 2009 East Coast Music Awards.

Can't get us on the radio? Tune into the live online radio stream by visiting

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